Advice on Horizon SPF-P9 and FC-P9 Trimmer

Hi There,

I'm looking at picking up a second hand Horizon SPF-P9 and FC-P9.

The horizon spec on their PDF says....

Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper : 64 to 127.9 g

Coated Paper : 104.7 to 157 gsm (Manual Feed Only)

I was hoping to put the following down the machine:
250gsm Silk Covers (A4 to A5) - Pre-Creased
150gsm Silk Inners
Typically 8pp 90% of work
some 12pp
occasionally 16pp and 20pp

(So, by the looks of it, i'm a county mile outside the machines spec)

Anyone running this kit in the real world , with heavy covers?

I'll be hand feeding pre-collated into the unit

Thanks a million in advance.



New member
It will most likely jam up or break the little stitch heads. They are built for light weight short run work. If you decide to up grade I can help you out with a heavier duty Horizon product.
Thanks for the reply :) I ended going with a Watkiss stitch and trim, which has conked out (for the moment), I'll figure out the issue in the new year. Thanks again.

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