AI, rectangle around selected objects.


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Hello, colleagues!
There is a task: I need to draw a rectangle around the selected objects. Only the lines of these objects are admitted, the Stroke parameter is ignored.
The goal is to save my time. Now I use the Rectangle tool and spend 10–15 seconds for it. I want to spend 1 second or less — keyboard shortcut or mouse click.
Is there a tool, script, plugin for this?
The operation is frequent, I do it 12–15 times a day. For a year it is about 5+ hours.
One of the options is to draw a rectangle around all objects on the artboard.

I asked it on Adobe forums, but was banned after publishing this question))

It's weird that you got banned after this simple question but there are two ways of answering it:

Automation in Ai can be done by scripting (JavaScript). You can find scripters and order script development for them or start learning yourself and have this achieved.

Automation in PitStop
Use an action list to add those rectangles inside the PDF

Hope that helps.

by scripting (JavaScript)
Yes, I found script Circumcircle by Hiroyuki Sato — it draws the circle around the selected paths.
But my knowledge and experience of scripting is the same as of swimming with a barbell.
Thanks, I will try to learn this... things))


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