Any color digital press at less than $10K that can print sharply at 1.4pt?


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I'm looking for a digital press that can reliably print sharp color text at 1.4pt in size. In the past, I've had one or two print shops help me with this, but the consistent results are hard to find and I'd like to at least consider doing it in house.

So the specifics are (and I have a feeling I'm asking for too much here)...

-Color digital printer/press that can print sharp (not just readable) text at as small as 1.4pt.
-Can be operated by me - meaning someone who is not a print professional.
-Can print on non-paper substrates such as Teslin (ideally). But if not Teslin, it needs to handle cardstock, let's say up to 100lb text weight.
-Printer price tag should be less than $10K. But I'd still like to know if there's one less than $20K, though that would be pushing it.
-Substrate sizes can be typical digital press dimensions. I really need it for 8.5x11" but having some flexibility to go a little larger would be good.

Thanks. I know it's a tall order, but this is the place to ask.

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