Any feedback regarding Fastbind Pureva Neo and Smart binders?


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Hi. I'm evaluating entry-level PUR binders and Fastbind's two offerings - the Neo and Smart are appealing in terms of price. There's also their XT PUR binder but it's not the latest and greatest. Not that this makes it bad by any means, but I want to get any and every edge possible in producing solid PUR books.

I know the NEO is manual in nature whereas the Smart would be considered semi-automatic, and aspects such as gluing, roughing are automatic. The NEO is about $12K and the Smart is about $20K. Both come with hardcover add-ons.

There is very little info about these binders online. Oh how nice it would be to visit an Amazon page and read reviews. The thing is I don't see any PUR alternatives in those price ranges. The next in line I see is from Graph Wizard at $22K but it requires a 20 amp circuit. I'm home based and would like to keep this simple. The Fastbind machines have modest footprints and run of standard power from what I can tell.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi. I'm evaluating entry-level PUR binders... ...I'm home based and would like to keep this simple.
I'm not sure 'simple' and PUR can co-exist. Your biggest challenge will likely be achieving suitable ventilation.

Do you currently have EVA?
If not, have a look at the Duplo DB-290 - with it's side glue tank, it may provide a sufficiently strong alternative, given your operating environment.


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I have a Sterling Digibinder. have had it for 3 years. it is semi automatic, and serves a great purpose for up to 500 books.
you do however have to final trim off-line, but if you are running between 100 - 200 books not too bad. Also can bind a singe sheet, so not minimum spine requirement. The new version has side single glueing I believe.

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