Any solutions for a quality hard case unit with shorter quantities

ashwini singh

Active member
We have a book printing unit in New Delhi, India . Our current problem is space and volume because of which we cannot install a big casing in machines ( even used ) as we don’t have that volume and don’t have space because we are in the middle of the city.
We currently use semi automatic methods to make hard case books and our daily quantity ranges from doing 500 - 3000 hard case books in a day .
We are currently looking a hard case setup where we can do quick quantities of books in small number and compete with biggest presses in terms of quality . We can’t seem to compete with presses having kolbus and muller martini lines in terms of quality of casing in.
Are there any hard case manufacturers / solutions for short run coffee table books in which quality is similar and turn around is closer to digital set up.


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