Anyone experiencing network issues with the Epson Surecolor series over TCP/IP?

Do you have any other devices trying to also claim the static IP addresses you've assigned to the problem printers? This can be a problem when using DHCP, when you run out of IP addresses, but can also happen if two different devices have inadvertently been assigned the same static IP address. They'll "fight" over who really has it and you'll see sporadic drops in network connectivity to one in favor of the other. If you assign static IP addresses centrally, sometimes it can happen when one device is set to a static IP address locally that conflicts with who was assigned that one centrally.

Also, faulty network cabling can cause intermittent issues like that. If you've swapped cables two or three times, maybe even try connecting to a different drop in the wall, or temporarily run a long ethernet cable from the printer to another part of the building and see if it improves.


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