Apple Silicon / M1 Macbook Air & Macbook Pro


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I've been a PC guy my entire life. I've custom built computers, bought straight from Dell and everything in between. I have also had Android phones for the last 10 years, and appreciate cutting edge software and hardware. I preordered the HTC Vive, which was the highest end VR kit at the time. But I am comfortable using the Macs we have at our shop, and usually have to do "Mac tech support" for the other employees.

That being said, I needed a new personal laptop so I ordered on Sunday a Macbook Air with 8 gb of memory and the new M1 processor/SOC. It was $999.

This little "tablet with a keyboard" is competing head-to-head in terms of performance with $2,500+ PCs and iMacs. I would highly suggest you ditch Intel and AMD as soon as you can for your Apple products. I cannot imagine how much more powerful the iMacs and Mac Pros will be with Apple Silicon. Four hours straight using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, downloading files, and really just torture testing this thing and I only managed to take 25% of the battery life...after four hours! It doesn't even have a fan. It didn't get hot either. It defies everything I thought was possible for laptops/desktop. Geekbench scores were 1648 for single core, and 6885 for multi core. Absolutely nuts.


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Pretty exciting times for sure. I can't remember a time where both performance and battery life has been double on a product for the same price. I just got my wife a new Air which should be here next week. Looking forward to playing for sure.


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It's akin to the generational leap between hard drives and solid state drives. This will make Intel and AMD really sharpen their pencils. I used my laptop for another 4 or 5 hours last night and it was down to 70%. I am blown away.

I won't be switching my workstation to the Mac. It's too soon. There are some minors display bugs and I haven't been able to get Acrobat to install. Firefox won't play streaming sites like Twitch or Dlive, it just hangs on loading, I have to force quit the application as it affects all of the other tabs from loading further as well. Safari works fine. I MAY return this to Best Buy and just wait until March next year to consider where the tech is at. I did the same thing with the HTC Vive headset I had, just sold it to a friend for the same value I bought it for. I'll make a decision before the end of this weekend and let you guys know.
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