ArtPro 8.6 installation Problem


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Dear All,

We have Art Pro 8.6 with Nexus Manager 8.6. It was installaed in Power G5 system with OS 10.5.8. Recently we are upgraded our system with higher configuration with OS 10.7.2. Now we are unable to install same Art Pro system. Finally we got message to upgrade our ArtPro software too. Please advice is this the only way?


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Wouldn't it make sense to contact Esko support and ask them about the situation?

I assume you are an Esko customer as you have installed and are using the software?

Current version seems to be 10.0 which supports Lion


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From the February 2012 Esko Newsletter:

Nexus on Mac OS X Lion

Nexus 9.5 and NexusManager 9.5 are not supported on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).

Nexus 10.1 and NexusManager 10.1 will be supported on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).


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ArtPro 8.6 was available as a Universal app or for PowerPC only or for Intel only so might work. However with Lion so many other dongle support.

However they state those versions are not supported under Lion. I do know that Nexus Manager 9.5.8 does work under Lion but as they say its not supported then if there are problems Esko Support can't help you need to upgrade.

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