Association Health Plans?


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Just wondering if there are any industry associations that offer association health plans. Our company barely has enough employees to to qualify for group health, and the rates are high.

AHPs allow smaller companies to obtain group health insurance at a rate normally only available to large companies by grouping through a trade association. Needless to say, it would be a huge incentive to join the association.


I am in Northern California. For the last 20+ years, I have been a member of the Visual Media Alliance (formerly PINC). We have ranged from three to six employees during that time. I have my medical, dental, vision, workers comp, business and commercial auto insurance through the VMA and Printing Industries Benefit Trust. The VMA and PIBT are affiliates of Printing Industries of America and provide group/discounted rates. Some of the other benefits are negotiated rates for UPS, discounts from certain manufacturers and suppliers. The VMA also provides HR support as well as support for dealing with regulatory agencies and tax agencies. I would contact one of these organizations to find out what the local organization is that serves your area. My dues are $52 per month. Bill

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