We got a scam once that the person wanted to buy USB drives, as we offer third-party promotional items via ASI, and I spoke to them, they sent me the logo, even changed the quantities upon received the quote but the way they worded one of the last emails tipped me off so we called the credit card processor who contacted the issuing bank and the card was in fact stolen information. We wondered how they could make an money off this scam and we were told that they have it shipped to them and then they take them to flea markets or other countries and sell them, even for a dollar they make money because technically they never paid for anything. I was so glad I went with my guts on that one.

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Thanks for this.
I have the same story with someone who called me to ship him a used imagesetter adverstised on my website. He was mostly concerned about shipping than the machine itself. I belive he was from.........:rolleyes:
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The past few weeks, I've been getting emails with the subject line "Notice to Appear" from a "Clerk of the Court" asking that I download and read the attached ZIP file. Sure! I want a virus! Lazy criminals! Why don't you hold me at gun point in a dark alley and demand my wallet like a real crook!

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