blank silk laminated stock?


We are looking at paper options to foil onto using a foiler like the foil direct (feed version of foil xpress). is it possible to source blank stock which is or is similar to silk laminated stock (sample picture below)? Preference would be towards a heavy weight (.31mm / ~300 gsm) or greater stock. The goal is to have the stock have a nice soft memorable feel to it. We would cut the sheets to size and the foil them. Alas we are going in circles trying to find paper to order samples of. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article