Bustled Fiery X3ety with Xerox DC260 Problem


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Hello everyone,

I have been working on it for hours to get it back to normal... I could print fine, but had problems accessing some services on the fiery from the control panel, kept freezing. I decided to install the system software via direct connection (system installer Ver. 2, EFI DC250) . Everything seemed fine and the installation finished correctly. Could it be the system software? where can I get one for the DC260.

When connecting a monitor to the fiery, I can see "Uncompressing Linux.... Ok, booting the kernel" but nothing happens. is this normal?

I cant get to the icon to print the configuration page to see the IP to be able to connect...also I cant see the TCP config icon on the control panel of the DC260... I have attached a photo of the fiery box, the ethernet cable led is not on.. seems that there is no connection.

any ideas? please help!


please, can anybody help.. I have tried for days... I cant seem to connect when trying to install the fiery software via direct connection with an ethernet cable. I have set static and dynamic IP address...PLEASE some advice would be great.
There is version 2 system software for DC242/252/260 on three cd's and version 2 patches for bustled fiery.
Why you talk about dc250 ?.
I have these and system ver2 software instructions
My mail is [email protected]
thanks I have this software and instructions. The problem is I cant connect to the machine when trying to install. Do I need the activation key USB and USB dongle connected? Where can I get this?...I purchased the dc260 second hand with no service contract..

No you need dont have any usb device connected to fiery when you reload software.
For dc 260 after you reload software you need to activate hot folder feature which is the standard feature for dc260. Activation is made with usb dongle.
If this activation is not made then the machine prints an error page.
Also the machine will print at very slow speed.
Hello everyone.
I have this message that prints every time I turn on my machine xerox Docucolor 260 with Fiery X3eTY,
The activation functions required dongle is not installed. Please turn off the copier. Insert the green USB dongle for activation of functions in the external Fiery controller and turn on the copier. Once the printed Fiery Start Page. unplug the dongle activation of the external controller functions.

could you help me find a copy. clone dongle.

thank you very much
on our 260 the ethernet cable is very finicky, has to be wiggled for it to connect, you should see a green light when the network end of things is going. Not sure if that has anything to do with your problem though.

I have attached a terrible picture, not easy to get at the back of our old 260. But you see both lights on for "Net" and "Scan" Sometimes the light would be off, a gentle wiggle of the cable would bring it back again.



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