Can you drive AGFA CTP with RAMpage?

We have purchased a AGFA LDT85 CTP device. The model # is PT-R4300S.
We do not have PrintDrive, which served as a tif catcher that drove it previously. We did have opportunity though to successfully test some screened tif (plate) files from RAMpage that output very well on the LDT85, but all we did was drop those tifs into PrintDrive. But, like I mentioned, we do not have PrintDrive. Is it possible to drive the LDT85 from RAMpage somehow? Do we have to have PrintDrive? Or some other rip/station that would serve as a tif catcher to drive it?
Thanks for any advice!


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PT-R4300S.....that sounds oddly like a Fuji/SCREEN model number. Is this Agfa platesetter an OEM version of a Fuji/SCREEN device?

In any case, your Agfa rep or RAMpage tech support should be able to give you the specifics on whether you can drive this direct sans PrintDrive.....get those parties involved.