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I've aged out of the action sports industry/event production business and am no longer printing photos or large signs for events. This printer was part of a home-based production office and has not been used for a couple of years nor powered up until recently. Will power up, but is throwing a "Hardware Error #03800500-2F30" message. This is probably an easy fix for someone in the industry with experience working with these machines but I do not have the time, motivation or need to chase the issue down. Has some ink (partial) and a partially used roll of photo paper. I'm located in Boulder, Colorado and don't have the resources to pack or ship this item, so that would have to be arranged by the buyer or printer will have to be picked up locally.

FREE - But must pick up or arrange for pick up in Boulder CO (80302). I really don't want this unit to go the dump, so hopefully someone can revive it or use it for parts.

Interested parties should contact me directly at as I don't spend much time on these forums.


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