Challenge drill press issue


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I've got a "mature" Challenge EH3A (the tan colored one). My project is to standard 3HD a set that is about 1" thick, comprised of lightweight matte coated sheets (think textbooks printed in color) plus front and back 10 pt. C1S cover sheets. The problem is that the drill head stops descending at varying depths, leaving the bottom sheets not drilled through. I've tried drilling half a set at a time, slowing/quickening the rate of descent of the drill head, sharpened the bits and waxed them also, all with the same results. Any ideas?


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Assuming the motor is still working, there's a drill depth adjustment. Maybe you can dig up a manual online.


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Motor is working - drills turn fine and steady. I am familiar with the depth adjustment and have the manual. Problem is I set the depth without going through any stock, then when drilling the depth the drills go to varies from cycle to cycle.


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Make sure the hollow center of the drill is clear, if not clean it out with a nail and also replace the round wood block you drill into. If all else fails put a few pieces of chip board under your job.


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Start with two pieces of chipboard, set the depth to drill through only the top piece of chipboard. Then place two pieces of chipboard under anything you drill.


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The drills are clear and the chads are flowing out freely. New blocks in place. I've got 3 pieces of chipboard taped down as a base, and it's working out so far. Only down side is going to be the frequency of changing out the chipboard, to keep the holes on the bottom of the lift from getting ragged.

Thanks all!


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