CIP4 PPF file from XMF – paper thickness for Komori Bladesetter software

Lab Man

I am having an issue with sending paper thickness values to our press. Using XMF, the PPF file is output. In it the paper thickness units are expressed as points (1/72 inch). In the PPF, the tag is /CIP3AdmPaperThickness.

We use Bladesetter software from Komori to convert the file to .PQ4. When we do this, it passes the point value on as mm. So the value is much too thick.

For example, 60# offset text is defined as .382 points, which is about .005 inches - correct value. .382 mm is .015 inches.

Does anyone have an idea on how to have the correct value go to press? I do not see a way in XMF to convert to mm. And I don't see a way in Bladesetter to specify the value as points.

Thanks in advance.

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