Connection issue of Ci64 to Mac M1


I had a Ci64 sphere spectrophotometer connected on a MacBook Pro with Parallels and Windows 10 to be able to take readings through iQC. Recently I have had to upgrade to a M1 MacBook Pro and the configuration I now have is a the M1 MacBook Pro running Parallels 18.1.1 with Windows 11. With this new configuration the Ci64 sphere spectrophotometer no longer connects to iQC.

Wanted to reach out if anyone has had the same issue and if solution was found.
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My cursory understanding is that with Parallels running on an m1 Mac, you are running Windows 11 ARM, not regular x86 windows 11. Understand also that there is a major architecture difference between the old Intel based macs and the new arm based macs, compatibility is not guaranteed, there are emulation layers but nothing emulated is perfect.

Parallels own website is careful to suggest that “thousands” of applications are supported, and encourages you to download a trial to see if your preferred application is supported. That to me implies that many applications will not work.

I think your solution is either to reach out to Parallels or buy a dedicated computer for your application.

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