Corona Treater Alarm


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We have a quality situation that I wont go into, but we have been advised by a sister plant that we need an sound alarm system for our corona treater on a Mark Andy press to alert the operator is the corona treater fails or doesnt meet voltage.
I have never seen an alarm other than warning LED lights on a corona treater.

Is this something that is common to Flexo press corona treaters these days? Curious as to the comments.
Our Corona unit had a light fitted that would flash if the unit did not come on or reach correct voltage, the operator was so far away from the unit that they couldnt see the whether the unit was on or off, Any electrician should be able to wire in an alarm
Followup, We wired the Alarm in but also 1 year later had to put in a flashing light as well and rewire both to sound off if the corona treater had a fault for any reason Seems the Alarm was only set to trigger if the treater itself failed, but if the power to the device failed, the alarm would not go off.


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