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In order to avoid purchasing multiple copies, someone has thought it would be a great idea to buy one CS3 and export it to be available in CS2. Sound like a GREAT IDEA? LOL

"Oh, everything works fine. I tried it. They're all interchangeable."

Famous last words of a...

Re: CS CS2 CS3

I had to do that at the last shop I worked at for CS2 down to CS. Oh the joys that caused me. Kind of wish they could make it easier on us but there are other more important things to put false hopes into. Ha!
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Sorry, but I think I am missing the point here.
Why would you want to export CS3 to CS2?
And what do you do when is on CS2?
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In my past experiences I have had to save backwards because another system in the company did not have CS3 yet. They were the production wing of our facility and they were the last to be updated since they were just using the programs for minor manipulation in order to print to a digital printer. I agree that this was a backwards way of doing things but that is the reason I had. Also I have had to save back in order to work with another designer on a project who may not have updated yet. I do a lot of collaboration projects and would lose out on a lot if I wasn't willing to save back for the other designers. Not everyone can afford to update right away.
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There's always a good reason why you want to save backward. If you know what you've done, you can go back and check to see if there's some kind of loss or shift/reflow. There's been problems going back and forth and some photos did shift. Illustrator had a major shift. My new supervisor said it was ok to save backward. We have 2 Macs with CS3. There are 5 workstations. When we're busy, I come in earlier and now have to use a subpar computer. If I don't have CS3, he'll save backward. We don't have lasers, customer supplied pdf. How do we know what is "ok"? I already know of a few problems to expect, but do I want to accept the screaming and hollering for those mistakes?

Adriano, I don't want to move back and forth. If it was sent in CS3, I want to work on it in CS3. If it is CS, work on it CS. The big problem here, I'm not the boss. LOL

Re: CS CS2 CS3

Get the point
I have been working 'till 4 weeks ago with the cheapest, meanest and most ignorant boss in pre-press!
"Just make it work, will you?"
With this new company I am working with, you just name what you need and you get it.
This is a very expensive business to update, but there is no other ways to work properly that spend the "bloody money"
Maybe one day all bosses will have to work like we do and will understand better what kind of "jumps" we have to do to "make it work"
Have a great New Year you all!
Drive safe


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