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CTP warehouse clearance


Well-known member
We clear stock
- Heidelberg 2340 A1, VLF size
- Fuji Luxel V8 system
Very cheap, any interest, send message in box



We are looking for a smaller platesetter for our Ryobi 3302. Preferably metal plates. Do you have anything in that size?


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2013 Fujifilm T6300, 2008 Screen 8800Z, 2006 Kodak Magnus 800 MCU, 2008 Screen Niagara 8200... it is for sale to clear stock, nice offers.


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Thanks Ashley but we do not buy them. We have to clear out stock. We have 10 sets of Screen or Kodak units must go soon.


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Trendsetter 800 with Kodak processor, print console PC
Clear stock to get free space

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