Decreasing weight of cropmark in Signastation


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So, I have Signastation Classic (9.0)
Pressmen told me that my CropMark too thick and it is very difficult to align colors on printing.
Default weight of CropMark is 0,3 pt.
I open it ( c:\Signastation9\\Resources\Marks\) in Illustrator and change weight to 0,15 pt.
As a result - my Signastaion can't open documents now...
Of course I have a backup of old mark, and when I returned it to folder ''...Marks'' - everything works... with 0.3 pt weight CropMark.
How can I change default marks?


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Re: Decreasing weight of cropmark in Signastation

I found one solution - open it in Notepad and change number in "setlineweight'' from 0.3 to 0.15....

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