Diamond Hard Velvet Matte™ D&K Soft Touch Issue


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We run this material frequently, as well as the gloss superstick. We are having an issue on perfect bound books, where the soft touch is peeling away from the spine binding edge and/or hinge scores. This is NOT an issue with the gloss.

We run a 12.75" roll, at roughly 275 degrees. Speed is run pretty slow, at about 3.5 - 4 fpm (feet/minute). I'm pretty sure the temp is fine, but how about speed? Anything else I am missing? We are only laminating one side, and 1.2mil thickness.

Print is pretty much standard. Gloss cover or text weight, and printed with a Xerox Versant 180.
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I had a similar problem a few years ago but different machines etc. The only thing we could point to is the amount of cyan on the stock. We were applying a soft touch laminate. I use a UV coater for smaller runs, whenever I use soft touch on that I actually find it holding on to the stock better at higher speeds.


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what about the roller pressure? we use 230f, 3 fpm, and 60psi on regular adhesive soft touch film, works fine,printer is konica or ricoh, I think 275 degrees might be high, it can distort the film too much at low speed.


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We use the same film and Versant 80 prints. We bring the total ink coverage down to 240 when printing. Laminating at your speed and settings gives us fairly good results.

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