Do you pass your discounts on to the client?


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Unless it was a rebate targeted to the end consumer, he got exactly what he contracted for. End of story.
Exactly this.

It’s unfortunate that the customer found out about the rebate in the first place, lesson learned by the contractor. Manufacturers often offer rebates on items like shingles to contractors. They are certainly under no obligation to pass along the savings, no more than I would be for taking my 2% savings for paying a vendor early.

Customer should be happy that the roof was done properly and completed as agreed. Time for him to let go and move on.


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As one who has spent the last several weekends on my roof in 100 degree weather replacing my shingles, $20,000 is a bargain (if I had $20,000). Remember the joke about $5 to hit it with a hammer and $4,995 for knowing where to hit? The contractor has the knowledge to order just the right amount of shingles, ice and water barrier, underlayment, starter shingles, ridge shingles, nails, and ventilation. For that alone he deserves the rebate. And no, I'm not done yet. No crew. I'm doing it alone. More fun days ahead.


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I never pass along paper discounts. If I can find a lower cost on paper, there is no reason to pass it along. This is not an "ethics" issue. Just IMHO good business. However, I do tend to give everyone a cost break if a job multiple-up. I know some printers do while others do not.


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If you buy a new printer and your click / lease charge goes down, do you offer sweeping discounts? No, it’s all part of being competitive in the market, and for every way to save money we find there are 10 ways our costs are increasing.


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