Does anyone know how to get into the service mode on the image prograf 4100S.


New member
I have been able to get into the service mode on the 4000S but somehow accidently got the service mode on the 4100S. Are the steps different, they have to be because I have tried the sequence of holding the start button and then going in a Z pattern by touching the screen at least 20 times with as many variations as I can think of. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not new to the game, I have been working on copiers for over 15 years. What is the trick? Is there an additional step?

My main issue is a blocked head port. For lack of a better description. The M1 section keeps loosing magenta. I have tried head cleanings and even swapped a purge assy, no difference. The head is new, only installed weeks ago.

Thanks in advance,
I figured it out. To get into service mode. Turn on the printer, wait until the canon screen comes up then let go of the power button. Then go through the z pattern of touches and then you're in service mode. DO NOT HOLD THE POWER BUTTON THE WHOLE TIME.


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