Duplo 618 Output Crunching Up Paper


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Greetings all! I was wondering if any of you with some Duplo experience could help me troubleshoot an issue on of our operators has encountered today.

We are running a Duplo 618 with the RTM-08 Perforation module installed. I don't think that the module is the issue though.

The issue we're encountering is that...somewhat randomly...the paper will exit the machine very crunched up and mangled. Photos attached.

While watching the paper travel, it appears fine and un-mangled until it hits the very last couple sets of rollers near the perpendicular cutter / creaser units.

We've tried taking all the modules out and cleaning the rubber rollers really well with a damp cloth as the manual suggests. This seems to help but does not eliminate the issue.

Any suggestions on other things to try?


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Self update: Went out and troubleshot with the operator. They were using MAX suction and separation settings (8). I dialed them back down to min (1) and ran 500 without this issue occurring. I guess they were having feeding issues that went away when they upped the suction/separation.

Unless they run 1000 more and this comes back, I'm chalking this one up to too much suction and thus too much force applied when traveling through the paper path. Leaving the post up in case it helps anyone in the future. (or in case I can update that minimizing suction/separation actually **DIDN'T** fix the problem).


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