EFI 16h printheads


We have an EFI 16h and one of the printheads needs to be replaced. We have a service contract but it doesn't cover the cost of printheads (I won't name the vendor to save that discussion for another time). We have been given wide ranging replacement cost, as high as $22k for a single head. All of these numbers have come from this vendor. I am looking for a reasonable price I don't feel I have enough information to negotiate with my vendor. Kinda feeling like a hostage right now. Any information that could be relayed to me, I would appreciate. Actual numbers could be sent to me offline so this conforms to bulletin board rules. My email is scott17334@gmail.com.


Sustainable Printing Goes Far Beyond Using FSC Certified or Recycled Paper
This informative paper on deinking: demand, principles, problems and solutions also explains why printing technologies are not all equally compatible with paper recycling systems; and why just a small fraction of printed material in the paper can cause difficulties.
Link To White Paper