EFI Fiery 315 vs. 313 - Info Needed

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Hello all

I am considering getting a new Digital Press for my shop

Vendor is giving me TWO RIP Options

EFI Fiery 315 or 313

They want about 10,000 MORE for the 315

I print mainly:

Biz cards, flyers, booklets, tri folds, ect.

We do SOME "variable" DATA, but not a ton. Maybe 1-2 jobs PER week need VARIABLE.

Is the 315 "worth" the EXTRA $10,000 for "day to day" print work?

Many thanks for your help / input



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Digital Insight , I used to sell KM gear. The 313 will work just fine for what you're describing. The 315 is ideal if you are doing massive variable data jobs starting at 5,000-10,000 records plus, or if you handle large files on a regular basis in general. Additionally, if you need the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition...the 315 automatically includes that along with impose/compose. Otherwise, you can add these features to the 313 as needed. I would highly recommend getting impose/compose if you get the 313. Furthermore, if you print alot of binders with tabs, or projects that need numbering such as tickets, NCR, or books, then upgrade to impose/job master instead of impose/compose.


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Faster, more responsive and flexible UI, lower price, more variable data features. I use both Impose and Montax Imposer. Much lower pricetag.
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