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I have been thinking abut getting some decent software to run our print shop for a while but the cost put me off. We've been managing with spreadsheets but with Christmas fast approaching, the last thing I want is to have to do another Christmas on spreadsheets.

So, it's time to do something about it.

I have had a quote from EFI for PrintSmith digital with the Shop floor module added, and that works out at just under $5000 with some basic training (we would do the install ourselves), but then when I looked at that sort of figure, there are other ERP systems out there (not necessarily print orientated) that might be better and would include things like full on accounting software and. Usiness management tools.

So my question is, is EFI PrintSmith Vision a good option (originally thought of it as we use EFI fiery), or is there something else I should be looking at?



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Hi There. DISCLAIMER - I work for SmartSoft - we have a Print MIS system we develop and market named PressWise ( which would compete with PrintSmith and their "in the cloud-ish" version of PrintSmith Vision. It is browser based and has a mobile viewer. Many PressWise customer still use PrintSmith for their more (complex book / signatures ) offset work. Many of the folks that tried PrintSmith Vision - that use PrintSmith already, expressed that they preferred PrintSmith ( since they really saw no massive benefit to using a browser vs a client )

Since I have personally never used it, that all I have to share. Best of luck in your search for a solution !


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We once used printsmith vision.. it was AWFUL. Terrible system, technically way behind, wayyyy overpriced, and serious issues. I will vouch for michael at smart soft.. it was a great program. It didnt fit perfectly for us, but it was a good system. If you are heavily digital they are a great fit. If you are heavily offset we have found docket manager to be a better fit for us. Both are really good systems.


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You've probably already made a move on something seeing as how I'm writing this in November, but our shop's experience has been that most of our EFI software has been overpriced for what you get and not very well put together and not well taken care of post-purchase (fixing bugs, improving design, etc).


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Hi, here in the UK all of the EFI hardware and software appears grossly overpriced - even more so than in the USA it appears to me.
Does anyone know of software that can connect to EFI Fiery servers or of alternative server RIPs to Fiery RIPs?
At present it would appear that you are locked into EFI regardless of your copiers e.g Xerox, Canon, Minolta, etc.

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