Embedded PDF in Lotus Notes


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I'm not sure where this question would go. Maybe here...

My wife's company uses Lotus Notes for their general office work flow. Their
graphics department needs to distribute soft proofs of graphics files for print
to brand managers and purchasers for their review before
actually releasing the files for print. What they'd like to do instead of emailing
large pdf attachments back and forth is to embed the pdf into a Notes document
and grant access to that document on a company server to be reviewed remotely.
Approval is done through Lotus Notes, but they'd like to have Comments done
in Acrobat.

The problem they're having is that once the embedded pdf is opened and
comments/stickies/etc are added, the file won't save the comments.
Additionally, when the pdf is Updated, the (un)revised pdf loses it's Commenting
Rights, making it static.

They run Lotus Notes 6.5.4 on Windows. The graphics department is on OS X, but also
runs Lotus Notes. The creator of the PDF uses a G5, OS X 10.4.10 and Acrobat Pro 8.
The commentors are running Windows XP and Acrobat Reader 7 or 8. The Grant Usage
Rights feature has been enabled by the creator. Security is applied to the pdf, but it allows
for Commenting.

I'm just curious if anyone would have any input...
Re: Embedded PDF in Lotus Notes

Within Acrobat 8 Professional there is are options for "Send for Shared Review", "Upload for Browser Review", and "Attach for Email Review". The Shared Review is great for within a company but everyone would need read/write access to the same shared volume, and would need to be on Reader 8 or above. The Browser Review work with Acrobat 6 and above but I don't think it works with Reader.

Brian Cupp
Re: Embedded PDF in Lotus Notes

Thanks for the response, Brian.

I've suggested to her that they should be looking into Acrobat's built in
reviewing tools, but that isn't really what they want. They need it to integrate
with Lotus Notes because that's how projects (not just printing) are approved
within their business work flow. So they really need to be able to distribute the
Notes document with the link back to the PDF on their server, comment on and
then save the comments into the PDF. If the proof is fine, the person could
approve the Notes document. At least this is my best understanding of the
In my opinion it's a problem when the PDF is re-embedded into the Notes
document. I'm sure they could do this using Acrobats built in features, but
integrating it into their business work flow seems to be a stumbling block.
What they want is a lot like the Upload for Browser Review option though.
Re: Embedded PDF in Lotus Notes

So the problem is the use of Reader in the mix...

As Brian noted earlier, browser based review (which is what Notes
integration is going to require) does NOT work with Reader, even if you
enable it with Acrobat 8 Professional. The ONLY way to get Reader to
participate in a browser-based review is to use the full "Adobe
LiveCycle Reader Extensions Server" product.

The alternative is for everyone to use Acrobat (Standard or
Professional) for the review.

Re: Embedded PDF in Lotus Notes

Thanks for the input. You're both right in that they're going
to have to use full versions of Acrobat for their proofing process. Once
they tried it sans Reader it worked just fine.


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