Epson 7900 issue


New member
I have owned a Epson Stylus Pro 7900 for the past 6 years and it has worked flawlessly till last week.

I had a paper jam(not the first time) and since then when I send a job to it the print head travels side to side along the whole length of the track regardless of what size paper I set it up for and the paper does not move. The printer loads paper normally(both roll and sheet) and cuts normally.

I am at a loss to diagnose the problem
Is it by chance trying to do a calibration? Not a color calibration, but another calibration of some sort. I had an Epson that was traveling the whole length of track side to side, regardless of paper size, because it was doing a calibration - and it was after a paper jam. I kept stopping the printer because I thought it was stuck in some kind of goofy mode but, after Googling my problem, I found out I had to let it run its course and then it was fine.


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