Feeder for about a year looking for any books or resources on offset lithography theory


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I've been a Feeder now for about a year and a half and there is some potential to move quickly into an apprentice operator position.

Unfortunately, my current oporator (of 1 year) is having trouble grasping a general understanding of printing overall and therefore is sacrificing quality and deflects accountability to cover his mistakes. So as you may imagine it is very difficult to learn from him.

So my goal here is to acquire knowledge on my own terms and find ways in the future to apply the theory in a hands on setting when press training becomes available.

Any help finding resources that I can buy to have on hand or directions I can go down is greatly appreciated.



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Plenty of videos on YouTube to watch.
Buy Pocket Pal book from International Paper.
Is there another press or shift you can transfer too?
Thanks Steve!

I've play listed a nice amount of youtube videos that I have been getting though while on days off. I'm really intrested in that pocket pal book you suggesred to have at the press for long runs and for breaks. Thanks agian.

And unfortunately I'm stuck with this guy hopefully until we get the new press our department has purchased. Its a KnB Rapida 106. I'm surper excited for this baby to come in but its months away maybe even longer with the COVID-19 situation.

Alois Senefelder

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Hello Ipprc,

So you want to be a "Lithographic Printer"? before that possibility,

can you be confident in explaining the "Mechanics of Sheet Transportation" in your own words what this


Regards, Alois

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Hello lpprc,

Steve is 1,000% correct, this book is great - Amazon.com: Pocket Pal The Handy Book of Graphics Art Production: Art Drawing Supplies: Posters & Prints Try to find it cheaper if you can.

A lot can be learned by reading a book, but with printing there is no replacing experience. So many little tips, tricks and short cuts that can be picked up along the way. Bummer you can not find another person to learn from. One piece of advice that someone gave me along the way, pay attention to the sound your machine makes. Get used to it and know it, as you get more experience you will be able to trouble shoot issues just by this. It applies to a lot of areas in life, like your car or motorcycle.


Alois Senefelder

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The "Pocket Pal" though an excellent book, it just gives a basic introduction to the various Printing Technology.

It does not cover the basic knowledge required to run an Offset Press, such as 1) Mounting Plates 2) Setting Rollers, etc.

Regards, Alois

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