fuji LH-PJ chemistry life


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1) dimentions 31 5/16 x 41 3/8 (9 sqft)
2) chemistry DT-2W
3) platesetter javelin T9000 HP
4) processor Glunz & Jensen FLH 126P (14.6 gallons)
5) conductivity 41.5-42.5

we have been running LH-PJ plates for two and a half years and love them. when we first installed, fuji told us 8,000 sqft (888 plates) was the life for the chemistry. i have gotten as much as 2,000 plates (18,000 sqft). the boss said 1,500 plates (13,000 sqft) was good enough, now he is saying 1,200 plates then dump. when i was running 2,000 plates, all areas were cleaning up and was not having any press problems.

what do you look for when the chemistry is going bad


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