Furniture for print room


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Hi guys,

Setting up our new and improved in house repro soon and I am looking for storage solutions suited to use in a print room.

i) Shelving

The walls are thin stud walls, but I would like shelving above the printers and finishing equipment.
- Is there such a thing as free-standing shelving which is supported only by legs either side of the printer? It wouldn't be overly heavy stuff - some supplies, toners, not heavy boxes of paper.

ii) Folding/Extendable tables
- In the middle of the room there is a d space which we would like to use on occasion for processing larger batches of prints. I'm thinking some fold-away or expandable tables would be good which we could put away when not in use. Any recommendations or suggestions? I thought of a wall-papering table but not sure they're strong enough to take the weight of lots of paper.


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Pallet racks come to mind if you want easy of installation that snaps together. 8020 or Unistrut systems are a good DIY solution that requires some cutting and fasteners. If you have a MIG welder and basic metal cutting tools you could make just about anything from pipe at a lower cost. A trip to the lumber company is probably the least expensive.
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