Geeking out on specs and run speeds


Got a few questions on run speeds. I was talking with a fellow printer this morning about specs on his machine (Canon varioPRINT 130) and he told me that the run speed is 130 impressions per minute for 1 side, 8.5 x 11. In a moment of geekiness we then started discussing the speeds based on whether the machine was running the sheet portrait (leading with the 8.5" edge) or landscape (leading with the 11" edge). For him it's the exact same 130 impressions per minute, regardless of orientation.

=== Question #1 ===

That got me thinking about other equipment manufacturers: Is this a universal truth? Does your digital printing equipment run at the same speed in both orientations? (Please include your machine if you respond.)

=== Question #2 ===

We were also talking about run speeds at different sizes. His machine ran 11 x 17 at exactly half the speed of 8.5 x 11. Is that also a universal truth? Do 11 x 17 jobs always run at half the speed of 8.5 x 11 jobs? (Same as before: Please include your machine if you respond.)



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Question 1: No, most devices will tell you up to X" in the process direction the printer will print Y prints. This usually is something around 9 or 10 inches, and then another bucket for 11-13 and etc.

Question 2: No, some printers will print 40%-60% of the 8.5x11 speed when print 11x17.

Before you buy or if you are interested in what your current equipment does always ask for the customer expectation document for the device.


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Don't forget, digital presses will slow down when running heavy stock unless you are running a production model which will run all supported media at rated speed. So an 8.5x11 100lb cover stock will run just as fast as 8.5x11 24lb bond. I haven't looked at my CED in awhile but even production models may have a little slow down depending on size and weight.


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- I work for Datatech SmartSoft, and we develop and market a print MIS system named PressWise - not here to sell that but one of the things that PressWise offeres is a way to set up a press device so that - when you quote an print job, it will calculate / predict not just the COST and PRICE, but the needed production time.

So, yes, I have had to help customers set up this for hundred ( probably thousands, been here 8 years now ) - the run speeds and not added to the specifications using any standard, so, yeah, you need to be careful to ask. Indigos are rated at 14,400 an hour but I tend to enter .85 as opposed to 1 ( as in, they will typically run at 85% of the speed in the specification for 13x19 )


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