Graphic Whizard Creasemaster Plus


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Anyone running one? Just wanting some reviews on them. The search on here didn't seem to turn up with much other than a few people saying they had one and it got the job done. Needing something that will impact crease and perf. This seems like a good option with nice used machines in my budget.
We had one for several years, and it ran fine. Sometimes it was hard to set up since both of the guide arms move out from the center instead of one remaining stationery. Also, towards the end of us using one, it seemed to not score consistently in the same location from sheet to sheet.
We eventually decided to purchase a Morgana Autocreaser Pro 50 which is MUCH quieter, faster, and more consistent. We also have perf wheels for this unit as well.


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We have an autocreaser to. Recently upgraded to slighly newer one, its actually called a Documaster but is identical to Autocreaser. Great machines.
Also comes with the option to add a AutoFold or booklet maker which might be useful in the future.


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