Has anyone had any experience with the Xante ILUMINA


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Why OKI C9650??

Why OKI C9650??

I see a lot of comparison of the Illumina and the OKI C9650 and they are fairly correct, same print engine with a few differences. The big thing I see in these discussions is cost of consumables. This is a problem with the OKI and Xante products alike, however, OKI also offers the CX3641 MFP through its elite dealers. The 3641 includes the Fiery Rip and a very nice scanner that makes it an all around copier as well as a printer. We are the elite dealer for KY and TN and we sell this unit with the Straight Shooter envelope feeder. It works great!! The big kicker in all of this is the consumable costs, by list price evaluation, the 3641 toners run 40-70% percent less than the Illumina and C9650 respectively. This is for the OEM toners! The initial cost of the unit is more, but you make up the difference in saving on consumables quickly. Just a little food for thought when considering which unit to look into......

So You Want to Invest In Inkjet

I Want to Invest in Inkjet, But…
Over the past few years I’ve watched a group of transactional and direct mail printers strategically shift from monochrome toner machines to full-color toner and inkjet presses. Most banished old black-only toner boxes but kept their color toner devices around because they anticipated needing both color inkjet and toner presses to meet customer needs. They were right then and continue to be right today. Because toner and inkjet can be better together. Read the Post