Has Anyone Heard of Press Genie?


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I think this is the right forum for this - please let me know if I'm wrong.

I was looking online for a a program that could help with my quotes (and would not cost and arm and a leg) and found a program that is listed for ninety nine bucks as a download (which is dirt cheap compared to some of the others I've seen).

My question is has anyone heard of this program, and if so do they like it does it accomplish what it claims to and how did it work with your shop? (I know thats alot sorry)

http://www.devalipi.com/pages/pressrelease.html this is the site that has it up for sale.

I downloaded the free trial version and I am getting into it but I thought I would ask before I leap into buying it.

I greatly appreciate any help on this matter,


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Re: Has Anyone Heard of Press Genie?


At $99 for PressGenie, it's hardly a leap - more like a tip of the toe. If you're looking for a Mac-based package, there isn't much else out there. Definitely not in this price range. PressGenie looks simple enough but I would find out how well it's supported (full Help System, User Forum, in-depth Manual?).

If you're looking for software to run on a PC, check out http://printplanet.com/discuss/thread.jspa?threadID=193&tstart=0&start=15 and compare. The Free Edition of Morning Flight doesn't include Job Tickets, but then again, it's a true print estimating system, not a data base with a built-in calculator. Even better - it's +Free Forever!+


Re: Has Anyone Heard of Press Genie?
some one is here, who used Press Genie, I want to purchased it thats why I download it from their site, and followed there is many issues is comming for user, and many times i mailed their support mail, But sorry to say, very poor support, ony have mail id, and they dont clear my doubt,. Sory for that, so some one have any idea for this software please give me some help


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