Help me decide between two large format printers


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Good afternoon! I'm new to this community, but I already have some questions to ask :D

I'm eager to get your advice on buying wide format printer, so I'll keep it simple...
I'm looking for a new wide format inkjet which will be used to print posters in still unknown format (minimum A1). Posters will be illustrated (not photography) and they should be minimum 24" wide, but my budget allows me to buy A0 format printer, the bigger the better.

So, I made a search and found these two printers:

Epson Surecolor SC-T5100N 36"
HP DesignJet T525 36"

They are about the same price. Print speed is not of much importance, but the maintenance and usage (ink consumption/price) costs are. Also, the printer won't be used for large quantities.

Which one of these two would you buy for illustrated poster printing?

Thank you for your help
we currently use a sure color 3270 24" mainly for press imposition ("blue lining")- but the instances we have used it for a good color print (on good paper not 24 lb bond) it has looked good


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I can't speak to the durability of the Epson since I don't have personal experience, but based on ink types alone, the Epson is the better choice since it uses Pigment based inks unlike the HP T525 which uses Dye inks. Dye inks fade, smudge, and are not water resistant. Pigment inks are much more durable. I'd recommend looking at the Z series from HP (like the Z6) for their units with Pigment inks.

The downside with the Epson unit you listed is it does not come with a stand or catch basket from what I can see on the brochure and video.


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Epson are notorious for nozzle clogs. I have found the Canon IPF printers to be the most trouble free printers I have ever used. Is there a reason you are not considering Canons?


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Thanks guys. Actually, I was looking into Canon imagePrograf PRO-2000, but it seems more photography oriented. Could it be well used for poster printing?

Let's ignore the fact that it is only 24". However, I think 24" width would be enough, as well.

The second one would be imagePrograf tm-300, but it is below the budget. Yes, below! I have minimum and maximum budget, don't ask me why :D


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I don't have experience with the Epson T-Series, but have been disappointed in other Epson wide format machines and Epson in-warranty service. You might take a look at Mutoh. They use Epson heads, but they are user replaceable.


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