HELP need to "trap" a file after converting all to a black (add a stroke)


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let me explain quickly what the issue is first. We purchased a new Gandy flatbed DOMIN8TOR and is has a white color. Gandy's front end needs to have a second file specifcally for the white channel. Top it off the white undercolor needs to be choked a tad because we have to do at least 2 passes of the white to make it opaque enough. the printer lays down white passes first then comes back to do the color. I am using fuji XMF workflow that accepts preflight actions from pitstop. we use ONXY thrive 642 to drive the printer in question (which again has its own front end)

What I am trying to do is change all the fill color and strokes to 100% of all 4 colors (this gives the best black output) that is easy peasy. what I now want to do is select items with fill only and put a small stroke of white (I currently have a spot color generated called TRAp in pitstop I thought it would be better instead of having a white 4CP color) The strokes are just white when printed so once converted to the 4CPblack it does not need to be changed. Again only thing I want to add a stroke to is the fill items.

This is for a specific item we have been printing for years. The previous printer handled white better even though it needed 2 files it could trap the white (it could handle 1 file with a white channel we found it overall better if we used 2 files)

then what I would like to do is save this preflight action to an export where the second file is automatically generated. This would save time in prepress less error.

The end result is hoping the second file can go straight over to THRIVE and pass though to the GANDY

thanks if you have any questions let me know
Seems like you have a good handle on it, all sounds feasible. What's the problem part?
I know you're looking for a preflight action but is there not an option in ONYX that will allow you to "Shrink" the white. I have a Mimaki flatbed with white ink, and Rasterlink, which drives the printer, has such an option.
Seems like you have a good handle on it, all sounds feasible. What's the problem part?


I cannot seem to ad a stroke to a fill. and I cannot seem to define the stroke size. I think I am missing some sort of action.


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