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Call Viprofix in Chicago. http://www.viprofix.com/ They are great with these machines. They also have used parts and phone support, not sure if that is still the case???

If they can't help, try Bob Weber Service I think in Ohio?


No problem. A quick google of the error turned this up...
ERROR 3702 A problem occurred in the material guide system

You may want to check all of the guides and make sure they are clean, clear and lubricated.


also found this on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVzm4DHTUkA

This guy is experiencing error 3705 which looks like it is also a guide error. May just be a different guide sensor but same type of problem?? Looks like he has a workaround, not sure if you can make this work in you situation, but worth a shot.
I have seen this video but it is not for me. My Herkules stop during last phase of booting. It can not register material. This video describe problem agfter booting to make device ready for processing. I tried with diferrent supply cassete but without any result. I tried with diag disk to test opto swithes but i do not know where those are situated. I would like to know what are the posible problems?


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dear All
for material guide after clean you have to change parameter if i remember Guide LD or LB current you can decrease or increase for adjusting it and clear error
I checked small motor with belt and it works. I sow that I have problem with this error when room temperature is below 21 degrees celsius. Work temperature for this device is from 18 up to 26 degree celsius.


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Old times.....,
There is a small dc motor that drives SMALL roller that in turn guides the film in zig-zag way. It was quite frequent problem those days. Check if gear is not broken, when is working fine you should hear swithing sound as motor and roller moves left and right.


Not sure if this helps but I had a similar issue with not registering film a while back. On start up I could hear the motor run as the sensor was pulled across but it would the throw out an error as it couldn't find the film. Turns out it was a combination of 2 things, film is getting less opaque as it is made thinner and becomes harder for the sensor to detect and the white strip behind the film that provides the contrast for sensor becomes degraded. Eventually sensor cannot find film edges. Our fix involved an engineer replacing the strip and recalibrating the sensor.


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Hi Svetislav,
I certainly hope that you have resolved the problem with your Heidelberg Herkules CtF by now.
FYI: we still offer parts and technical support for this machine, as well as a range of thermal CtP systems (Kodak, Screen, Heidelberg, Agfa, Presstek, Fuji, etc.)
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Peter Warzecha, Sales Manager
Viprofix Prepress Solutions
Phone: +1-773-545-7700 ext. 217
Email: pwarzecha@viprofix.com
Website: www.viprofix.com

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