Horizon CABS 4000SF Installation.


Dear colleagues,

I just bought and installed this 2019 Perfect Binding Line.
After installation, all parts, the Gatherer MG600, the Binder SB09SF, and the 3K Trimmer,
are working fine, but I didn't succeed in making the Gatherer and the Binder work together.
I can't establish communication between the MG-600 and The SB-09.

The problem could be in cable connections or a wrong installation.
I attached a few photos to help understanding my machine's status.

Currently, I'm gathering the signatures and then feeding them manually into the Binder.
What a waste of time...

I would appreciate it if anybody could lend a hand and contact me.

Zamir Bar Lev
Printiv Press
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +972-52-6812000


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Hi sir;
Normally this happen, with the sensor, is dirty, loose, or faulty. or the Sensor has NOT regulated power supply, or loose wires.

Review that, and let me know.

[email protected]
Managua, Nicaragua, Central America

Cell+ WhatsApp: + 505 8861 1441
Hi, remember: All Sensors...!!!!, clean, lack of Regulated power Supply, loose wires, dirty, corroded wires, loose wires, or broken wires, or faulty sensors.

Good Luck


[email protected]
Managua Nicaragua Central America.
Cell+ WhatsApp:+505 8861--1441


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