How do I connect a mac directly to fiery?


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Our fiery print server for our canon IR 9075 has been having problems since we hit 1,000,000 imprints. mainly, we're down to a communication error. the light at the ethernet from fiery to printer is red. Tech support solution was to remove the fiery as a workstation. now that we do not have a direct printing connection to the printer and data has to go through hundreds of feet of cat5 cable, we no longer have capabilities to print larger files such as catalogs. get offending errors and it just wont handle the files needed. it will print single page black white files up to about 300 prints, then gets the communication error again and i have to clear cods in the printer to get it back working.
I had an idea to connect my Macpro directly to the fiery, and possibly be able to print a larger catalog file.
I tried several different methods without success. one most close to working was to install a new printer through advanced settings using the Canon CUPS PS then authenticating with the IP address. got the happy beep, but could not connect to the fiery workcenter.
I'm not an IT person, but neither is anyone else involved with the service of the machines. Have months of backlog printing and am getting desperate to get this thing working.

Mac pro 10.5, using the fiery GMX300 drivers Canon iR-ADV C9000s US with graphic arts package, or an old PC. printer is IR adv-9075.


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