How long does your company take


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to get the client a quote? And if known, what (ballpark) is the quote approval to quote time taken ratio?


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depends on the type of job . .. a simple business card or stationary package goes out in less than a day but more involved, i.e. die cutting , foiling, embosses or other outside services you are compelled to wait till you hear from you suppliers. . . . .


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We try to get back to them in less than 24 hours, as long as it is all done in house, and we don't have to order anything unique. All of our clients seem to expect quick turn on everything, but when you have to wait on others to get you quotes, they seem to move with the speed of molasses. Many take a day or two to get back to me.


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...And if known, what (ballpark) is the quote approval to quote time taken ratio?

Does anybody track this? I would assume that very large shops with very expensive MIS systems probably do. But like everyone has said so far, it depends upon if any part is outsourced, highly customized, or just plain weird and difficult. Ninety percent of my quote requests come through email so I watch mine like a hawk (assuming hawks are very watchful). Generally, I have a policy of getting quotes done the same day they are received with certain exceptions. Sometimes I turn around a quote in minutes and won't get the job for a month and other times it takes me a week and then I get the job immediately.
It really depends upon the complexity of any product, apart from customizing specs the most important is with which printing method your product will be done! the best is you may ask for the turnaround time from supplier.


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Using our Strorefront, you can upload files, or build variable data artwork using templates. This is especially useful for items like business cards, letterheads, envelopes and many other items.
The Storefront is open 24 hours a day, and is available to any of our customers. send us an email at or

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