How many of you also handle mailrooms? Looking to brainstorm hazardous/suspicious mail protocols


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This isn't exactly print related, but I know many inplants also run their mailrooms. That is the situation I am in.

We serve an organization with 5000 employees and run the inplant print and mail operations. We occasionally get mail from crazy people that is quite suspect. The kind of thing that makes you wonder "does this have anthrax in it?".

I want to put together a protocol for my employees for when they encounter anything that might be a suspicious envelope or package. They found one recently and shook it around looking for powder, then brought it all through the building to ask me about it. It turned out to be nothing dangerous, but it made me realize we need a better procedure in place to handle possible dangerous mail.

I was thinking of ordering some sort of self-adhesive mylar pouches that I can keep in the mailroom, and at the first sign any mail might be suspicious, it should be carefully placed in and sealed before transporting. This way, if it ended up being something dangerous, it's contained as soon as possible.

However, I'm super new at this, and was wondering if anyone else has gone down this road before and if they'd be willing to share solutions they've implemented.

Thanks for any thoughts!
Hi, I have worked in multiple print rooms & mailrooms for decades as I do holiday and sickness cover through an agency.
My experience is that having mail go through a scanner first, before getting to the mailroom is the safest option.
This is done offsite in case the scanner ignites a bomb or incendiary device. This is mandatory in the UK for all activities connected with airports.
It can be in-house or put out to third party contractors.
Things spotted include contraband as well as Anthrax, Radioactive, Explosive and other less common poisons along with cash (counterfeit & actual) and illegal animal pelts. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Sorry about the delay in reply, my workplace filtered printplanet as spam for some reason and I have been unable to access until recently.

@Shawnd I will definitely register and attend, thanks!

@[email protected] - I do not think I will be able to convince folks to increase my budget by enough to cover something like that :( i will look into it regardless though, appreciate the input!


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