HP Pagewide XL


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So I was wondering if anyone is currently using any of the HP Pagewide XL models.
We are a bit of a mixed bag shop that a large portion of our business (100k sq/ft per month B&W) is engineering drawings and such.
We are in need of a replacement for our two KIP 8000's, we also have a KIP KC80 for engineering color production and an old HP Designjet 5500 for more graphical use.
We have been looking at the HP machine versus a new version from KIP as we see it could fill the shoes of those three machines in one, with the exception of some of the graphical color use we put out through our current HP Designjet.
I wanted to see what info anyone has on their experiences with this machine. Also if you could compare the reliability/ down time, ROI and such to a similar KIP model would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the long rambling post as I'm not as versed in the print industry as some of the users I have seen here.



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I bought an A/4 model back when the technology was brand new (4+ years ago). The printer is rock solid, there are rare / negligible head cloggings (or HP's famed nozzle surrogation is working right). The print quality is like any other inkjet's. Be aware, that you'll be locked into buying HP inks, tough: there is no way out of this on current models (AFAIK).


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