Hydraulic vs. pneumatic hot stamping press


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I’m about to purchase a vertical foil stamping press for decorating book covers, and the overseas firm I am talking to offers two nearly identical models of press, the only difference being one is pneumatic and the other is hydraulic. They cost the same, offer the same printing pressure, etc. My concern with the hydraulic version is cleanliness. I have several other pieces of hydraulic equipment in the shop, and even if they don’t leak, they tend to weep an ever so slight amount of oil, and the way a vertical press is set up I’m imagining oil contamination on the product. The downside to the pneumatic machine would be I would have to purchase an appropriate compressor, since I don’t have any other pneumatics in my shop. Does anyone have any experience or advice for me?
I have a pneumatic one ton press, Aamstamp, which has proven to be a great press. Can be used both with air and manually. I know from having a hydraulic Challenge cutter, that you couldn't always rely on the same amount of downward impression.


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Many years ago I saw a chinese machine that had both pneumatic and hydraulic pressure. Pneumatics will bring the impression down and hydraulic will further press it. They told me it helps in blind embossing and debossing. I have no further information on it. By the way, which brand are you buying?


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