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We outsource our printing and focus mainly on binding and other post printing work.
We receive files from our clients who know nothing about printing and binding or are simply careless. We resize the pages and sometimes do a little editing and send for printing. Sometimes we ask for imposed pdf from our printers whom we outsource work to. Many a times there are mistakes. We heard about heidelberg Imposition Editor. Is it a full fledged imposition software or does only a little bit of editing? Does it have bleed function ( mirror or others)? Which is the simple to learn drag and drop type imposition software? I know that a part of this question may have been answered elsewhere.


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I like Quite Imposing, I find it the most intuitive of all I have used (no experience with Heidelberg). But from a printer’s perspective, I prefer our clients do not send imposed work - 9/10 times it is done incorrectly / inaccurately or inappropriate for my printing and finishing workflow.

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Here are some additional options:

Agfa Apogee Impose
Devalipi Imposition Studio
Heidelberg Signa Station
Tilia Labs Phoenix (now owned by Esko)
Ultimate ImpoStrip
EFI Metrix

Agfa, Heidelberg, Esko & EFI will generally sell as part of a larger suite of software. Devalipi or Ultimate might be better low-cost, simple options. Hope this helps!

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