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Is it just me, or, does there seem to be an increase in spamming on this forum?

I'm not that well-versed in forum operations, but, if it works like my blog site (done in word press), all comments are held in a "holding area" and are not published until I take a look at them (moderation). At that point, I can either send the comment to the trash and delete it, or, ok it for publication.

Once I find an abuser (someone using our blog site to sell their own wares or, otherwise direct readers to an alternate link for the purpose of marketing themselves), I can prevent future communications from that source by a myriad of tools at my disposal (IP addresses, email addresses, key word masking, etc.).

Does PP not have those capabilities?
I'm not that well-versed in forum operations, but, if it works like my blog site (done in word press

If you're a trusted member of this site, individual posts aren't moderated. This is why we turn down some applications from new members for lack of identification information. Although we try to be objective in approving new members, some still take advantage and abuse the privilege. When we see those self-serving posts, we remove them and often ban the poster — sometimes permanently. Unfortunately, a couple of spam posts were made while we were doing other tasks, but these have now been taken care of by our moderators. However, your flag reports point out posts like these and are helpful and always appreciated. They assist us in keeping this site professional & as spam free as possible.

The purpose of PrintPlanet is to impart professional knowledge and educate those involved in the graphic arts. We all appreciate the sharing nature of our community & continually strive to maintain comments and contributions at the highest level. This works thanks to everyone's constant diligence!
Cool!. Thanks for the perfect response, prwhite. I never knew what that "Flag" symbol meant. Now I know :)
From discussions I've seen on the subject on another forum or two, many spam posts come from other countries, and thus appear in the wee hours. Moderators sometimes have a lot of work to clean these up in the morning. I've seen very few on this site compared to some others.
Dear Admins

I have recently posted two answers which suggest the OP consider products that I sell in my Market.

I am concerned that this may be considered spammy behavior.

I've tried to send this post as a PM to prwhite as a PM but got an error that this user has exceeded their private message limit (or something similar)

The intent is these cases are to give them a heads up to a possible solution.

I happen to know of these solutions because they are part of the product line I sell. I will not benefit from these potential sales if the OP decides to purchase what I have advised, since I operate completely outside of the US.

Although my head office is in Florida, we are in the majority an export oriented business, my market is the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Therefore Admins, please let me know if I should desist from suggesting specific products that I also sell.

Marc, your answers look fine. In all cases someone asked a question & you provided a relevant response. Where you suggested a particular solution for a Member, you also identified yourself as a supplier. These are all in the spirit of providing knowledgeable assistance.


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