Is Esko still developing for Neo?


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Good question that only Esko can answer.
Wat I know is that the initial plan was for them to make a new editor to replace ArtPro and Packedge. But it has been real quite around this.


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At Eskoworld this year we got a look at the new iCut Layout. This is a complete rebuild of the old version and it is the first editor to run on their brand new "Jelly" kernel. The new PDF editor that they are working on will also run on this new Jelly kernel / platform. The Gui of icut layout was slick, very modern looking, runs on mac and pc. 64bit. I am excited to see the new PDF editor when they put that into pre-release. I still haven't heard a release date for the PDF editor. Ill post back if I do.


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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