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Hello everyone!

I can't thank you all enough for spending your time uploading your knowledge to this forum. I'm always amazed at how much awesome information is available at the click of a few buttons. Thank you!

We run a medium sized family business in a niche market. We have developed a website over the last 8 years that has been custom coded to send pdf's, create invoices and do some other basic tasks that we enjoy. Almost all of our products require variable data which is typically just numbering. We are really hoping to gain some more insight into how to get our website to create PDF's that have that data built into them. I believe JDF's might be the answer, but we've never worked with them before. In an ideal situation, the website would create the PDF with the extra data embedded into it (start & stop number, sequence, qty etc). From there the PDF would get sent to a specific printer. In an even better situation, it would possibly have something to distinguish the style of product and then automatically be sent to a specific printer waitig to be released. We know these abilities already exist, but have no idea who to talk to!

We would really appreciate any feedback or direction you can provide.

Thanks for your help!



I believe we can help. If you send me your contact info, I will have someone on our team reach out to you. JDF is a world of its own and no two vendors or products do things the exact same way. The answer to your question will very much depend on what you are sending the JDF to after it leaves your W2P front end system.

To be transparent, I am the Director of Professional Services at Canon Solutions America. Please feel free to reach out.


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Thanks for the replies. Afilson, I sent you a PM.

Offsetstorefront, we are open to anything at this point. We don't want to have to re-key the data, but if there was pre-made software that could take our data and accomplish what we're looking for I'd be very interested.

Look forward to your reply,


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